1. 00 - Interlude Confusion In Sonic Paradise 1:02
  2. 01 - For Now Confusion In Sonic Paradise 3:36
  3. 02 - Painting Shadows Confusion In Sonic Paradise 5:00
  4. 03 - Crown Confusion In Sonic Paradise 4:05
  5. 04 - Match Confusion In Sonic Paradise 4:08
  6. 05 - Riverside Confusion In Sonic Paradise 4:42
  7. 06 - Hypocrite Confusion In Sonic Paradise 4:03


For Now
Painting Shadows

He knows every kind of brush, knows their use
He draws every person with a blush and a bruise
He is a sketch of a bomb you can’t defuse
Safety is just a colour on his painting named excuse

He’s painting shadows in the air
the air, the air, the air
He’s painting shadows in the air

He’s the only guest at his exhibition
If you listen carefully you can hear his true words
He won’t let anybody in,
If it’s not his kin,
The rest must sing
the song of liberty and justice

And now his work is nearly finished
It’s the hand of the devil he has kissed
Beware: You can’t say it wasn’t your fault
Don’t pretend this miscreed will never intend
to force you to bend

It’s not far, far, far away from some hope
They’re not far, far, far, to bring back the old

Don’t you ever give them a chance,
never give ‚em a chance! no!



Diese EP war eine Low-Budget-Produktion und wurde innerhalb eines Monats produziert.
Für die Schlagzeug Aufnahme wurden 3 Mikrofone benutzt.

„Wir sind ne Band. Wir machen Musik. Wie Bands das halt so machen. Uns gefällt das und wenn euch das auch gefällt, gefällt uns das noch viel mehr.“ – CISP

EP Artwork by Johannes Longardt

Producer: Robin Dusk
Studio: Hardlook Studio
Recording, Mix & Mastering: Robin Dusk / Hardlook Studio
Singer: René L. Freiberg
Guitars: Folkmar Buhr
Bass: Tobias Spratte
Drums: Tobias Meyer

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Confusion In Sonic Paradise – Hypocrite [EP]

Artist : ,
Release Date : März 10, 2018
Label : , ,
Format : Digital Download